Open Logic Interconnects science

OpenCores community

Steward, maintain, develop, and promote the OpenCores community.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays development

Specialize in the design, streamline, documentation and long term support of gateware Intellectual Property (IP) Cores for FPGA.


As professional digital designers, and passionate OpenCores users and contributors, we’ve always seen a great potential and benefit in the presence on the web of the community portal. We therefore decided to take over the ownership of the trademark and the portal, and bring its legacy forward, while pushing its concept to new heights.

As the stewards of the site we:

committed to maintain and support the site operations

promote the community worldwide

foster and offer stewardship of open standards and practices

support and monitor the activities on the portal

offer basic monitor and supervision on the core contents

actively develop and improve the site structure, content and the community


We are experts in Digital Design Engineering for FPGA, gateware and IP Cores coding.


Active IP development

Along with the effort to make the OpenCores community thrive, we actively participate to it. Oliscience publishes and maintains its own Open Source gateware IP Cores.


Experienced support

In addition we also offer support for the engineering, design, streamline, documentation and long term support for new or existing gateware IP cores.


FPGA professionals

Our expertise focuses on every aspect of FPGA-based appliances, and their development cycle, with a particular inclination toward gateware for scientific applications.


Young and passionate start-up of committed broad-spectrum professionals!
Based at the bustling Amsterdam Science Park, we develop and operate our business.

Oliscience (Open Logic Interconnects science)

is an initiative originating from the CERN-Nikhef Business Incubation Centre (CERN-BIC@Nikhef).
The effort is supported by Nikhef (the National Institute for Subatomic Physics).


We are also a startup coached by the Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE), where we explore the next steps and finalize our ambitious business model.

ACE is also part of the CERN-BIC at Nikhef.



Senior digital design engineer with a pure mania for science and FPGAs

Andrea Borga

“the geek master behind the scenes”



Criminal lawyer with a passion for company law and novel licensing

Leo Davoli

“the one who cares about rights”



Senior sales director with a sharp focus on entrepreneurship and business

Alberto Alberton

“the business propeller for innovation”



Experienced advisor on Open Source matters

Marcus Erlandsson

 CTO of ORSoC, OpenCores stewards from 2007 until 2017


Lead OpenCores site developer since 2007.

Linus Unnebäck

Ever busy coding innovative sites ranging the whole online cosmos



Freelance web-developers

There are more devs in the team! Some geeks prefer web-anonymity, which Oliscience profoundly respects


Freelance gateware developers

We avail of a pool of trusted professionals in gateware engineering

The transfer of knowledge and technology to industry, civil society and the general public is an integral part of Nikhef’s mission. That is why Nikhef supports Oliscience as an initative, as well as its attempt to empower the OpenCores community.

Researchers at Nikhef (the National Institute for Subatomic Physics) study the interactions and structure of all elementary particles and fields at the smallest distance scale and the highest attainable energy. We follow two complementary approaches: interactions in particle collision processes at particle accelerators, in particular at CERN (accelerator-based particle physics) and interactions of particles and radiation emanating from the universe (astroparticle physics).
Nikhef coordinates and leads the Dutch experimental activities in these fields.
The research at Nikhef relies on the development of innovative technologies. To this end Nikhef avails over well equipped technical and engineering departments.